Midway Island

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Lighter From Midway Island

Lighter From Midway Atoll 1

You may not want to believe it, but this lighter was recovered from the stomach of a deceased albatross. Judging by the traditional Chinese characters printed along the body of the lighter, it’s believed to have drifted from Taiwan all the way through the Pacific Ocean and arriving at Midway Atoll 5,000 kilometers away. Apart from this little fire-making device, plastic wastes have followed the currents and breached national borders, invaded species, and even intruded into an inaccessible military-controlled island! Investigations conducted at Midway Atoll have even revealed that of all the lighters found in deceased albatross stomachs, 14% originated from Taiwan. How many dead albatross bodies did they need to recover before they started conducting the investigation? It must have been a lot!
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    Plastic + Other materials
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    Midway Atoll, United States
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