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Disposable Container Cap

Disposable Container Cap

Plastic takeaway container covers are classified as “disposable” under Taiwan’s international Clean Beach (ICC) Classification Project. Due to the booming food culture in Taiwan, this sort of plastic cover is not hard to spot, and in fact show up just about everywhere you go. To put this in perspective, even if each person only uses one of these takeaway containers each day, it still amounts to an astronomical number! In the world of plastic covers, in addition to the PP material of the takeaway container cover in the photo, there are many more varieties produced using different plastic materials such as covers for cold drinks and cooked foods. Some even contain PLA bioplastics which can’t even be recycled! Did you know? Recycled plastics degrade after being recycled, and presently there is no law in place which allows raw recycled materials to be used to manufacture new food containers. It seems that no matter the plastic whether recycled or otherwise, there’s no real solution for plastic short of ceasing production of it entirely.
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