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Foam Float

Foam Float

This is a variety of float which is usually attached onto gillnetting, which is made of a light weight and economical foam material. For gillnetting, the main rope for the fishing net passes through the hole in the buoys and then tied together, which means if only a single float is picked up, it means the net is very likely broken. One defining feature of this variety of float is that the appearance is said to resemble a well-known food item called “ox tongue cake.” The foam plastic used in the production of this float is a relatively fragile material and will easily fragment under the sun’s rays and impact from the ocean’s waves. The tiny plastic particles look like plankton or fish eggs and are often accidentally ingested by marine organisms. Oops!
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    Fishing Supplies
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    Enveloping many of the coasts surrounding Taiwan
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    動手愛台灣 陳信助